Hydra-Sports 3000 CC Center Console Review

Hydra-Sports has had a reputation for decades for building serious center console boats for serious big game fishermen. That still holds true today with one condition. Hydra-Sports is now owned and produced by the same company who brings you MasterCraft Tow boats. That means that the same high standards of construction that has made MasterCraft tow boats a leader for quality in the industry, now applies to Hydra-Sports as well.

The Hydra-Sports 3000 CC is designed specifically for the off shore angler who is not intimidated by a little heavy weather. At over 7,900 lbs. she is one of the heaviest boats in her class. In fact, she is from 12% to 39% heavier than most center consoles near her size. That means that the 3000 CC has the bones to stand up to what mother nature has to offer.

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How To Mount Speakers In A Center Console Boat

A center console is an ideal boat for fishing, diving and a variety of other activities, but it can be a challenge when it comes to installing a sound system. The difficult part is finding a good place to mount the speakers. Most people look at the console in the center of the boat and jump to the conclusion that it would be a good idea to put the speakers on the outside edges of the side of the console. Not so much!

Sure, there is usually a nice smooth surface there that isn’t being used for much of anything, but please resist the temptation. When you mount marine speakers on the sides of the console they are facing out toward the water, not toward the people who are listening. Mounting speakers that way will really negatively affect the efficiency of your sound system. The fish will be able to hear just fine, but you won’t!

Ideally you want to mount the marine speakers facing into the boat. Under the gunnel, as shown in this video works great. You might also consider putting some box marine speakers on top of the console pointing toward the driver. Even better, if your center console has a top, consider mounting speakers up there as they will be closer to the ears of everyone!

Why A Center Console Is Great For Fishing

Center consoles are ideal for fishing. They offer a large open deck area and the console positioned in the middle of the boat allows casting from almost any place on the boat. That makes them very popular with anglers. Center consoles come in lengths from about 15 feet to 35 feet which means that most of them can be hauled on a trailer.

There are a variety of hull configurations available including deep-v, modified-v, and cathedral bottom and they come in aluminum or fiberglass construction. Specifically built for anglers, some features you can expect include a nice sized casting platform, a lighted bait well, an ice cooler to preserve the fish and rod holders. These boats have a capacity of 4 to 8 persons.

Because the deck is so open, there is not a lot of protection from rain and wind and there is no cabin. That having been said, many come equipped with a bimini top or a hard top to protect against the sun

Some well known manufacturers that build center consoles specifically designed for fishing include Boston Whaler, Wellcraft, and Tahoe. These come with great storage space for fishing equipment and lots of extras to make your fishing trip as fun as possible.

If you are up for a challenge, you might try building a center console fishing boat yourself! You can purchase plans and kits to build a wide range of fishing boats yourself. That leaves the details up to you. It can be a simple 16 footer or build something special that will provide room for a whole group of fishermen! It depends on what you want and how hard you are willing to work.

Why Choose A Center Console?

A center console is a boat with the controls in the middle of the boat rather than to the right side, like most other power boats. This configuration makes it easy to walk from the bow to the stern (or visa versa) along the sides. This is particularly good for fishing since you have access to the water from any side of the boat. They are also great for other boating fun and make a great family boat for skiing, wakeboarding and other activities.

Center consoles are usually made of reinforced fiberglass, but are also often made of aluminum. Aluminum is generally considered superior in terms of durability, but fiberglass works great also and is usually less expensive. Hence the popularity.

Center consoles are most often powered by outboard motors which tend to be less expensive, although inboard motors are also available. Since the controls are in the middle of the boat, it makes it easier to operate since you have a centered view of your surroundings.

Another plus with a center console is that they are generally much lighter than other boats so they have a very shallow draft. This makes them much more fuel efficient because they don’t have to cut through as much water as they go. It also makes them faster. That makes them a great choice for those who need to travel distances in their boat or those who use their boats a lot.

Many center consoles have a bimini top or other structure in place that offers shade to the driver and passengers. Some are collapsable and/or removable and others are permanent. That is great for those who need to be protected from the sun while on the boat for a long duration.

Center console boats are great for a wide variety of activities. We already mentioned fishing, but they also make great dive boats. The access to the water on all sides is very beneficial for diving. The high performance and manueverability makes them great for water skiing and wakeboarding. They also do well in various water conditions. The flat bottoms and shallow draft make them very safe in almost all conditions.