How To Mount Speakers In A Center Console Boat

A center console is an ideal boat for fishing, diving and a variety of other activities, but it can be a challenge when it comes to installing a sound system. The difficult part is finding a good place to mount the speakers. Most people look at the console in the center of the boat and jump to the conclusion that it would be a good idea to put the speakers on the outside edges of the side of the console. Not so much!

Sure, there is usually a nice smooth surface there that isn’t being used for much of anything, but please resist the temptation. When you mount marine speakers on the sides of the console they are facing out toward the water, not toward the people who are listening. Mounting speakers that way will really negatively affect the efficiency of your sound system. The fish will be able to hear just fine, but you won’t!

Ideally you want to mount the marine speakers facing into the boat. Under the gunnel, as shown in this video works great. You might also consider putting some box marine speakers on top of the console pointing toward the driver. Even better, if your center console has a top, consider mounting speakers up there as they will be closer to the ears of everyone!