Why A Center Console Is Great For Fishing

Center consoles are ideal for fishing. They offer a large open deck area and the console positioned in the middle of the boat allows casting from almost any place on the boat. That makes them very popular with anglers. Center consoles come in lengths from about 15 feet to 35 feet which means that most of them can be hauled on a trailer.

There are a variety of hull configurations available including deep-v, modified-v, and cathedral bottom and they come in aluminum or fiberglass construction. Specifically built for anglers, some features you can expect include a nice sized casting platform, a lighted bait well, an ice cooler to preserve the fish and rod holders. These boats have a capacity of 4 to 8 persons.

Because the deck is so open, there is not a lot of protection from rain and wind and there is no cabin. That having been said, many come equipped with a bimini top or a hard top to protect against the sun

Some well known manufacturers that build center consoles specifically designed for fishing include Boston Whaler, Wellcraft, and Tahoe. These come with great storage space for fishing equipment and lots of extras to make your fishing trip as fun as possible.

If you are up for a challenge, you might try building a center console fishing boat yourself! You can purchase plans and kits to build a wide range of fishing boats yourself. That leaves the details up to you. It can be a simple 16 footer or build something special that will provide room for a whole group of fishermen! It depends on what you want and how hard you are willing to work.